Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We THREE.....Babe-eez

Now, don't go gettin' all excited, it's not what you think. We, (I) survived the weekend. Normally my two keep me running, but this past two was three. While my hubby was helping our dear friends Patrick and Alicia move to their new casa, I got to keep their sweet little man, Declan. While I admit, I wasn't sure how the day would go, it was an easy, 99% meltdown free and wonderful day! Since I have yet to reveal my monkey's names, let me take this time to do that. Jackson and Hallie (just a friendly fyi: that's Hal-eeeee, not Hay-lee) are my two sweet blonde hair, blue eyed babies. We had a full Saturday, so hold on tight. Here we go.

My day started at 6am, nothing out of the ordinary, because why would anyone ever sleep late on the weekends? We sure don't! The kids had eaten breakfast by 7:30am and just after 8, Alicia and Declan were at the house. As soon as Alicia left, we were off to a start. Now, both my kids are potty trained and we are diaper & pull-up free (Hallelujah!) so my diaper days have been a thing of the past, adjustment #1. Our first journey of the day, ballet class. So I got my little lady all dressed and ready to go, Jackson dressed and Declan ready in tow. Here's a quick pic of little miss thang before ballet, yes I did manage to snap pictures (quickly).

Itty Bitty Ballerina, Hallie

So we arrived for ballet class, FIRST one's to arrive for ballet class, just to give myself a little pat on the back there. You would too if you had three kids. Hallie started class and the boys and I sat in the hall. Parents have to sit in the hall during ballet class, so we all pack out there and peek in on our sweet angels as they semi-twirl, dance, shriek and prance around for 30 minutes. I would have loved to take pics of them sitting there, but Jackson was playing on my phone while Declan was having a little snack and doing a little peeking of his own on the ballet class! He ran in twice to join the fun, but thankfully Mommy Hallie to the rescue (ha) she saw him coming, ran over and kissed him on the head and sweetly said "You have to stay with my mommy so I can dance". I almost lost it! I mean could she be any sweeter, where was my camera when I needed it, and Declan just gave Hallie this sweet (mischievous) smile and off he went! Eventually he sat down with Jackson and they played Angry Birds til class was over right at 11. 

I had promised the kids if they were good through ballet we would go to the park after and play, like I wasn't taking them regardless, call it what you want but hey bargaining for good behavior is a necessity folks. So, off to the playground we went. Now, I would like to say that I was talented enough to get pics of all of them at the playground, but yeah right! All three of them ran in 80 directions and asking them to stand still on the playground.....not happening! The only one I got was this one of Hallie before she took off down the slide.

After almost an hour of the dreaded 90 degree Memphis heat, we were ready for lunch. Now, this Martha Stewart would love to come home and cook an eight course meal for lunch but when you have hot, sweaty, hungry kids patience is not a virtue. So... adjustment #2. Chick-fil-A to the rescue! Fruit cups, chicken nuggets, chocolate milk (yes I gave in to the plea from the backseat for choc. milk) and waffle fries and we were headed home to eat. Since Declan was sitting with me for lunch, I did snag a pic of little man mid waffle fry.  


So now, we are halfway through the day and it's nap time! My two don't really nap much anymore so Finding Nemo found his way to the DVD player, and I rocked Declan man and it sure didn't take long. Here's a few pics of nap time shenanigans, including Hallie's third wardrobe change of the day... (slightly a diva).

Hallie checking on Declan while he sleeps, such a lil' Momma!

Declan snoozin'

Hallie bored or in deep thought...

My sweet Jackson

More of the kiddos hanging out (secretly wishing I would put down the iPad and stop taking pictures)

Caught in the act of sibling love!

 All smiles!

While Declan took a short 3 hour slumber, I packed for us to go to my in-laws for a cookout and pool party since my sister-in-law and step-sis-in-law both graduated from the University of Memphis on Cinco de Mayo. My hubby went to the graduation on both our behalfs. I can do a lot of things, but a college graduation with three little ones is NOT in my skill set. So we are up and ready to roll.... pause for a quick snack.

Also giving the look of "no more photos lady"

Now, pool party and cooking out at a non-baby proofed house means I got ZERO pics from this point on, adjustment #3... but the hubs came home and we loaded up the kids and headed to Piperton. Since the pool was a cozy 80 below zero, I decided it was too chilly for Declan so Jack and Hallie swam with Dad and we all cooked out and played for the rest of the night. About 8:30pm I took sweet Declan home to see his Mommy and Daddy and toured Pat & Alicia's new house. (yay!) The kids had so much fun and while it was an adventure with a few adjustments along the way, having three for the day was a blast!

I even managed to find an adult beverage after my own kids were in bed and my day with three little monkeys came to a sweet close! I am thinking Declan slept pretty good after our busy day, I know my two babies did! A day with the crazy Milford's will do that to you! Hope you all enjoyed your Cinco de Mayo as much as I did! Cheers!


Friday, May 4, 2012

And it "Hits"....

Writer's block. Damn, don't you hate that. I mean in the car it was all just right there in my head, my wheels were turning and then you finally get to the computer....poof, it's like your brain becomes a overcooked noodle, the kind that won't even stick to the cabinet when you throw it noodle! (don't lie, you know you've tested out that theory too) I guess I can cut myself a little slack since it's almost MIDNIGHT! What's all that sleep while your kids sleep nonsense, does anyone actually do that?!?

Well ok, let's just start at the beginning, since my first post said nothing about me... mostly. Obviously I am a blonde. Insert cliche here: Blondes really do have more fun. I live in Memphis, TN also described by our local media and friends (sounds like a cheesy FB group, ha) as the "Bluff City", hence the blog title. I've been married to my wonderful hubs for almost 5 years, have two tazmanian devil angel kids aka the monkeys, three dogs, two beta fish that I despise and  hold that thought.... Ok. Rule #1, should the phone ring and it's late, but it's a bestie, you hit HOLD on the blog and you answer! Period. So now where was I? Oh yes, about me. I'm the oldest of four kids, so that explains why I'm crazy, and I have a plethora of things I like to do in my spare time, except I forgot what it feels like to have spare time. Well there goes that.

 So now what? Well tomorrow starts tball for Monkey #1 and boy is he excited! It's been like the ever burning "Are we there yet?" question on those long road trips where you are ready to open the door, driving a slow 85mph and jump out! We've been on the countdown since, oh for at least two weeks! At least tomorrow the answer is YES we are going to tball! Hoo-rah! Now, let me set the scene for what  pee-wee "tball" really means. Imagine... an ever so patient dad or two (God love them), the ole' diamond, a cutie pie kid missing a tooth, or in some cases teeth, with an over-sized catchers helmet and a zoo of kiddos wondering about the field. You have some that are totally not interested, some that are very serious and then some that are catching butterflies with their gloves while picking up a tip from the coach along the way.  And heaven forbid the meltdowns that sometimes occur when a little person strikes out and it's now your friends turn to hold a bat taller and almost heavier than they are. Organized chaos about sums it up. But, man it's so fun! Makes for good memories and funny stories in about ten years anyway. So I guess that means we are ready for tball season to be in "full swing". (I'll be sure to post pics on that later)

Well, if you haven't closed off the page yet, you're a trooper because I posted a short novel tonight about, well, a whole lot of randomness. So let's recap and I'll end my after mid-night you should be sleeping crazy lady ramble jamble for today.

  1. Isn't writer's block suppose to mean you're at a loss for words?
  2. Fun Fact: Noodles stick to cabinets when they are cooked properly
  3. Sleep when your kids do = there's a brilliant idea but an unlikely reality
  4. The first "About Me" post commences
  5. Besties are a #1 priority
  6. Tball is like the circus
  7. I need sleep

  There you have it. Looks like I "Hit" on all kinds of things tonight after all.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

And so it begins.....


I cannot begin to put this into words. This bluff city blond-ie of all people starting a blog?!? Coming from Mrs. My Life is personal, people don't need to know care about what I'm feeling, what my kids are spilling or even how my dogs are feeling??? (or do they) Well, I guess new journey's start everyday so here's to starting a new journey. Fair warning... this will be a brutally honest and open blog, outlet for me to express myself and my feelings and thoughts. If you know me, you know I am pretty well a person that just says what I think. First... I wish it was Wine Wednesday in the office while I write this. Nothing like a glass of wine to up your "spirits" for your first blog post huh? I would go through all the "about me" fun things you ever wanted to hear; but that's a post or should I say many posts that will have to come later, as I am sure you will find out more than you ever wanted to know about me, my life and this place I live in, known as "the bluff city". I plan to talk about everything from being a mom, the wife of a traveling husband (yes, I might throw myself a pity party or two from time to time) fashion, food, do's and never do again's, dreams, books, hair, shoes, the ever important world of sports and drinking and just about anything else I can muster up the courage to put down in some shade of gray in between.

And that brings me to..... my latest guilty pleasure 50 Shades of Grey by E L James! Talk about trashy, raunchy, up close and waaaay too personal, errrr.... crotch novel  uh,, yes that's what it's called and of course I'm hooked! And anyone reading this book that says they aren't as equally enthralled is lying and full of shit. I bought them on Amazon and you should too! Leaving the real world and entering this fantasy-land of mystery and possessive darkness, just what I need.

Ok, so now that you think I am totally insane, let's move on shall we? As I continue this "first" post from my couch, it's Game dos of the NBA Playoffs, after a Game 1 gut wrenching loss by my Memphis Grizzlies to the LA Clippers. I can't go there or this will get ugly. Hoping that our team was able to find their GRIT and GRIND for this game tonight. I am not sure how many people this blog will reach or if it will mean a damn thing to anyone but me. But, you know what, who cares. I am taking a leap of faith and hoping to look back in x-number of years (years.. that's ambitious) and realize that today this blog was the beginning of something really special for me and my family and hopefully some of you too. I often times find myself serving other people as their  mediator, therapist, counselor... you pick the hat. I guess I am writing the rest of the story to all of you out there, or lack there of... to be my therapist and my ear to chew, maybe even my shoulder to lean on.

As I'd like to award myself mother of the year here (yes my kids are up watching the Grizzlies, yes it's past their bedtime and yes I'm ok with that for today only, it's the playoffs people!!!)  I guess all good, new things must come to a close. Until next time, I have two little blonde monkeys that I must tend to.